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Use your weekends to become an "In-demand High-ticket Marriage Coach". Attract clients and help couples live a life of love, peace & harmony
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Understand the secret of happy relationships, especially for arranged marriages
Approaches to building trust and intimacy in marriages
Tasks for couples that promote bonding, intimacy and trust
Techniques for resolving conflict and promoting understanding between partners
The latest research and theories on relationships and marriage
Building an online presence through websites & social media
Building and nurturing a network of referrals and partnerships to expand your reach
Building and maintaining relationships with clients through online communication and engagement.
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About me
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About me
Vanet Duggal

I'm Vanet Duggal, a relationship coach for over 10 years. Over 10 years, I have helped 1000+ couples find love, peace, and harmony in their marriages.

I remember how it all started - I went through a painful divorce long ago where I lost my wife and my child. I was heartbroken

Which is when I made a conscious decision to work on myself. I studied psychology, personality structure, conscious love, relationship psychology, mindfulness, and more.

I was determined to find love and happiness, and I searched until I met Niti, the love of my life and now I have 3 beautiful children.

Though I found what I was searching for, I realized 90% of marriages in India are arranged. And everyone was facing problems.

With rising ambition, pressure at the workplace, and unrealistic expectations at home sometimes all it takes is one wrong sentence to set back a relationship several years

I began helping people with their marital relationships and over the last 10+ years, I have helped 1000s of couples navigate complexities and build strong, fulfilling relationships.

However, I know the problem is too big and I can't solve this problem alone.

But the opportunity is also big. Imagine how much people spend on marriages, now how much they will spend to save the marriage.

That's why I started Marital Mastery, where I share all my secrets to help you become a successful marriage coach, and make money while you spread love and happiness across the world

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is this for?

If you have experiences how tough marriage can be, & want to help newly weds navigate life, live happily and in harmony, then Marital Mastery is for you

How much can I earn

On average you can earn at least Rs. 25000 per client and all you need is 4 clients a month to make more than 1 lakh a month

Is there a start date or finish date

Not really, building your skills, learning to acquire clients and making sure you unlock a life of love and happiness for them will take time.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 3-week, no questions asked money-back guarantee on your first membership payment

Can I cancel my membership anytime

Yes, you can click on the left sidebar and cancel your membership anytime. You will never be charged again